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Thank you for your interest in Halotherapy.

Accepted in Europe for over 20 years, Halotherapy is still a new treatment in Canada,
so we would like to answer some of your frequently asked questions:

WHAT is Halotherapy?
HOW does microclimate aerosol treatment (Halotherapy) work?
WHAT advantages does Halotherapy (Microclimate dry saline aerosol treatment) have over the original cave/salt mine clinic environment (Speleotherapy)?  
HOW safe is Halotherapy?  
CAN the treatment help breathing and skin problems?
WHAT about using Halotherapy for children?
WHAT results can I expect?
WHY should I consider Halotherapy?
WHAT are the standards of Halotherapy?
WHAT type of salt should be used during Halotherapy treatments?
WHAT does the treatment room look like?
WHY is it beneficial to utilize an integrated approach & see a practitioner with both medical and holistic training?
WHAT do medical professionals say about Halotherapy?
WHAT is the fee for Halotherapy?

Q: WHAT is Halotherapy?

It is a therapeutic method based on Speleotherapy, which is prolonged exposure to the specific microclimate of caves, salt mines, and grottos. Many countries, including Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Kirgizia, Romania, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, and Ukraine among others have Speleotherapy clinics. Salt aerosol plays an important role in the relief of health problems, and is used for patients with respiratory diseases.

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Q: HOW does microclimate aerosol treatment (Halotherapy) work?

The modern Microclimate Aerosol Chamber uses state of the art technology to reproduce the atmosphere of the clinics located in salt caves or in special mines, and has a monitored therapeutic microclimate. Air is ionized and saturated with a natural substance - low concentration of curative highly dispersed aerosol of NaCl (or salt). The therapeutic parameters (such as concentration, dimensions, and speed of salt aerosol particles and other remedial factors) are customized by medical professionals according to the individual needs of the patients. These curative parameters are preset, and then controlled and maintained by a microprocessor.

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Q: WHAT advantages does Halotherapy (Microclimate dry saline aerosol treatment) have over the original cave/salt mine clinic environment?

Unlike the cave/salt mine clinic, the Halotherapy (Microclimate aerosol treatment) can control the environment, with four separate modes to change the amount of concentration of salt in the air, humidity levels and temperature range. The specific mode is recommended by the doctor and is set to the optimum level to help that particular patient.

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Q: HOW safe is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy is 100% natural, safe and drug-free, providing effective long-term relief. It can be used as a complementary treatment to prescribed medications or as a sole treatment. When Halotherapy is used as a complementary treatment, it can increase the effectiveness of prescribed medications, and decrease the amount prescribed.

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Q: CAN the treatment help breathing and skin problems?

If you have:
- chronic bronchitis, sinusitis,
- breathlessness, chest tightness,
- cough (particularly at night or after exercise),
- mucus plugs, wheezing,
- colds and respiratory allergies,
- mucosal edema,
- bronchitis, adenoids, rhinitis, tonsillitis,
- pharyngitis, pneumonia after acute stage,
- bronchiectatic disease, respiratory infections,
- influenza, rhinosinusopathy,
- smoker's cough (secondary smoke related symptoms),
- frequent acute disorders of respiratory tract,
- multi chemical sensitivity syndrome,
- allergies to industrial and household pollutants,
- eczema, psoriasis, and neurodermatitis...

you will feel relief after Halotherapy treatment.*

*Efficacy is estimated up to 98% for some conditions according to the clinical study "Halotherapy for Treatment of Respiratory Diseases,” published in the Journal of Aerosol Medicine Volume 8, Number 3, 1995.

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Q: WHAT about using Halotherapy for children?

Halotherapy is very effective for children. In countries where Halotherapy is practiced in mainstream medicine, doctors recommend parents try this natural remedy before putting children on medication, or at least use it alongside medication to avoid high dosage. Children treated by powerful hormones are at increased risk of bone fractures and cracks, and it is all the more important to treat them as far as possible with means other than drugs,

In our clinic we see children as young as five months old. We even design our treatment room to be especially attractive for children. This alternative/complementary treatment's efficacy rate is estimated at 75 - 98% and keeps children safe from the side effects of intensive drug treatment.

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Q: What results can I expect?

Doctors have noted that thousands of patients have been successfully treated by this method. After taking Halotherapy treatments, their breathing becomes easier, symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath are alleviated, and patients no longer have to take large amounts of prescription medications. Patients feel that Halochamber treatment has turned their lives around - most of the patients report positive results of Halotherapy as soon as a few days after starting treatment.

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Q: WHY should I consider Halotherapy?

While modern pharmaceuticals provide effective relief from chronic diseases, there are some side effects associated with repeated or prolonged use. Continuous drug therapy is associated with the possible development of allergic or toxic reactions, development of antibiotic tolerant species of microorganisms, spreading of dysbiosis and other side effects.

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Q: What are the standards of Halotherapy?

In order to provide safe and effective treatments, the Halotherapy modality must comply with the standards of Halotherapy.
The medical facility that provides Halotherapy treatment must have:
Proper technology:

  • Equipment-Halogenerator (dry salt aerosol generator) with ability of controlling both aerosol concentration and respirable particle size during Halotherapy session;
  • Proper design of separate (from the clinic’s other premises) heating, ventilation and humidification systems of the Halotherapy complex (treatment room, air lock, technical room);
  • Treatment room size must be in compliance with the Halogenerator aerosol output.

Proper substance use:

  • Untreated sodium chloride must be used for dry salt aerosol generation only.

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Q: What type of salt should be used during Halotherapy treatments?

In accordance with Halotherapy modality standards, untreated sodium chloride must be used for dry salt aerosol generation only.
Some clinics use various types of salt such as: Hymalaians, Dead Sea, etc. for generation of salt aerosol. Some of those clinics claim that minerals of those salts are beneficial.
During inhalation of salt particles it is impossible to predict the correct amount of inhaled minerals since the amount of minerals is not constant in the salt crystals. Other than that, many of those types of salts contain clay, mud, soil and other impurities. Inhaling impurities may cause allergic reactions and other side effects.
If a patient needs certain minerals then it is possibly a better option to purchase them pharmaceutically prepared with known substance, purity and dosage.
Only untreated sodium chloride is clinically proven for inhalation and use for Halotherapy treatments. Use of other salts is considered experimental and can cause various side effects.
Advertising of use any salt other than untreated sodium chloride for Halotherapy is a RED FLAG that the company is not in compliance with Halotherapy modality.

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Q: WHAT does the treatment room look like?

The clinic recreates a microclimate similar to an underground salt mine. The halo-chamber walls and floors are covered with the salt layer, and dry salt aerosol (NaCl) is blown into the chamber, creating a curative environment identical to the microclimate of salt caves.

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Q: Why is it beneficial to utilize an integrated approach & see a practitioner with both medical and holistic training?


  • The terms "integrative" or "integrated medicine" indicate combinations of conventional and alternative medical treatments which have some scientific proof of efficacy; such practices are viewed by advocates as the best examples of complementary medicine.
  • A patient usually seeks advice first from a medical doctor and if the therapy does not help, he/she approaches a holistic practitioner, or perhaps consults both simultaneously. If the patient ends up seeing both, the MD and the holistic practitioner work separately, each in his/her scope of practice having in most cases limited expertise in the other practitioner’s resources.
  • Our holistic practitioners, having both extensive medical and holistic training and experience, are able safely and efficiently to develop an integrated treatment plan which includes both conventional and natural medicine. In order to get maximum benefit, a patient needs an integrative approach that cannot be limited to either conventional or holistic medicine.

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Q: WHAT do medical professionals say about Halotherapy?

Halo-aerosol therapy represents a new trend in aerosol medicine. It includes two methods: halotherapy and halo-inhalation. There are clinical reasons for the application of halo-aerosol therapy for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with respiratory diseases.
Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult 2000 Jan-Feb;(1):21-4
[The scientific validation and outlook for the practical use of halo-aerosol therapy]

Halotherapy proved to be a highly effective method in a complex sanatorium treatment of patients with chronic bronchitis.
Voen Med Zh 1999 Jun;320(6):34-7, 96
[Halotherapy in the combined treatment of chronic bronchitis patients]

HT resulted in improvements of clinical state in most of the patients.
J Aerosol Med 1995 Fall;8(3):221-32
Halotherapy for treatment of respiratory diseases.
Saint-Petersburg Pavlov National Medical University, Russia.

A course of speleotherapy given to children with bronchial asthma contributed to normalization of free radical oxidation and reestablishment of molecular structure in red cell membranes.
Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult 2001 Jul-Aug;(4):17-8
[Study of molecular damage in bronchial asthma and cerebrovascular disorders during the course of rehabilitation ]

Medical experts have noted that "the Halochamber works even better than a natural cave clinic. It has all the advantages without the level of radiation and radon gas presented in natural caves." Speleo/Halo therapy has been medically recognized to treat the breathing problems of Europeans for over 50 years.
It is used for bronchial conditions, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsilitis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, fatty seborrhea, and other diseases.
The treatment is also recommended for sufferers of breathlessness, chest tightness, coughs (particularly at night or after exercise), mucosal edema, mucus plugs, wheezing, and other disorders of respiratory tract like rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis. Of course, it is also good for people who suffer often from colds and respiratory allergies. Smokers can also benefit from Halotherapy, finding relief from coughs connected to tobacco use.


World Pediatric Congress in Jerusalem in July 1997 presented the achievements of speleotherapy as a curative method for chronic and allergic diseases of respiratory organs.

For more information about clinical studies please click here.

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Q: What is the fee for Halotherapy?

Our goal is to make this remarkable therapy available through a price plan for every budget.
Regular fee: $66 plus HST.
No insurance? Don’t worry.
Speleotherapy Clinic can tailor a convenient payment plan for you.
Various discount packages are also available.
Some of our services are covered by extended health care plans.
Ask for the details in the clinic. Some conditions apply.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Interact and cash.

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